What Is the Best Windows 8 All in One Desktop

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What Is the Best Windows 8 All in One Desktop


When a window 8 was introduced to the world, it generated a variety of latest and exhilarating devices – that includes powerful and sleek all-in-one desktops. Due to its variety, a person planning to purchase windows 8 will need to bid and decide as to what model fits their daily needs.

Introducing the Art of Windows 8
Windows 8 lets you experience the fast and user friendly touch for yourself. It has a new start screen, and offers apps for your daily needs. It has Internet explorer 10, which has more web and less browser.

The Windows 8 Tablets
As mentioned above, there are a lot of different windows 8 kinds and types under different brand names. The first one is Razer Edge Pro. This is a gaming tablet that uses Windows 8. This is designed for gamers and players of PC games. Its Core Processor is i7 and has separate Nvidia graphics that allows to run as graphic-intensive at decent rate frames. Aside from playing purposes, it can also run as desktop applications. However, it is expensive at $1450 yet very fast. Not shockingly, when it comes to its horsepower rate, it is hot, while its battery life is just 4 hours short. This tablet is not practical and is never interested to be one. It just gives a hard gaming.

The Dell Inspiron 15z is a laptop that has a full-fledged design. Its appearance is more luxurious. Despite being heavier and bigger, its touch screen is 15.6 inches and has a brushed-aluminium gray chassis. It holds four 3.0 USB ports. According to the test models from expert professionals, it delivered a decent performance. Certainly, Dell is an upgrade model that has faster CPUs. But, its disappointment is its notable shorter battery life that is 3.5 hours only.


Windows 8

Another model is HP’s Envy 23. This is an all-in-one consumer design that comes with touch screen 23-inch design. This is actually a 3rd generation that comes with an i7-3770S processor Intel Core. Its processor is low-voltage, which means it reduces a bit power potential, despite this disappointment, the Envy 23 outperforms others as it comes with built-in 4.0 Bluetooth, Blu-ray Disc, and WI-Fi. Other disappointments include its stand because most users find it annoying, as it prevents them from storing other peripherals beneath the screen.

The Boldest
According to the reviews, the best and boldest is the Surface Pro so far. Even though, it is not the most iPad killer which Microsoft has created; the model is the huge development from Surface RT. It has a better display, full versions of Windows 8 and has Ultrabook-caliber works. Surface Pro is capable to run the entire desktop legacy applications for serious efficiency.

To wrap it all up, the Windows 8 has changed the look of computers. Therefore, we cannot fully enjoy if the Windows 8 is not a touchscreen display because having on touch screen display is what makes it different. The best Windows 8 All in One Desktop is Surface Pro since it gives a full and complete version of what Windows 8 is all about. But, this is not to say that Razer Edge Pro, Dell Inspiron 15z and HP’s Envy 23 are not good enough. As a matter of fact, Razer Edge Pro is best for those who focus solely on gaming.

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