Xbox One: What to Expect With It, Features, Specs, Price

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Xbox One: What to Expect With It, Features, Specs, Price


Xbox One is the Microsoft’s latest video game announced on the 21st day of May 2013. It is the heir of Xbox 360. This is designed to compete directly with Sony’s PS4. Several publications have revealed the all in one entertainment system.

Xbox One welcomes the new generation of entertainment and games, where the gaming industry has been pushed to its boundaries. This is the time where the television obeys commands and where listening and gaming can be done simultaneously. Xbox One is a complete, simple and instant gaming experience.

Gaming Features
Xbox One was created by expert gamers and was designed for the gamers. Therefore, the result is the most harmony between performance and power. The gaming features of Xbox One is completely a new level. The advanced AI becomes accustomed as to how people play, while the latest multiplayer generation are both faster and smarter. Xbox One is indeed the best gaming experience ever made.

Entertainment Features
From the major blockbuster games up to the popular television, the Xbox One has proved to do it all. Let us be thankful to the cloud’s power, with this the model is improving, enhancing and expanding. In the future, there will be more games, movies, music, TVs and most of all apps.

Hardware Features
Kinect 2
Not like the Xbox 360, the Xbox One needs Kinect in order to function. It sounds like Kinect 2 is a standard component of Xbox One, and is profoundly included in the system. It also permits the users to glance through using gesture and voice commands through its user interface. Kinect 2 features a well-built 1080p camera, Time of Flight technologies, microphone arrays and 30FPS colors. The best thing about Kinect 2 is the capacity to perceive the slightest movements, like the shoulder or wrist rotation.

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Actually, the controller on Xbox One has still maintained the complete layout of Xbox 360. But, the directional pad is already a 4-way design. The battery is also slimmer. Both View and Menu buttons have substituted the buttons (Start and Back). Each triggers certain feature not dependent to rumble motors, known as the Impulse Triggers, this permits developers and creators to program the directional vibration.

Software Features
Media Inter-Connectivity
The Xbox One has the capacity to snap applications, like music, video, Internet Explorer and Skype. The Xbox One is also capable to serve navigation for existing televisions over the HDMI. With this functionality, it allows the users to watch TV live from their present provider, and access the features, like show recommendations, voice commands and electronic program guides.

Voice Control
This allows the users to control the Xbox functions through voice command. The entire voice control is synchronized through Kinect. Due to this ability, the Skype becomes a task.

Operating System
Xbox One runs 3 operating systems. The first one is the Xbox OS, which is an OS-based Windows kernel. The Second OS allows the other 2 OS to converse by virtualisation.

The Xbox One holds an APU with 8 cores at x86-64. It also has a DDR3 of 8 GB, with a bandwidth of memory around 68.3 GB/s. The hard drive is non replaceable. It holds the brilliance of Blu-ray Disc. The graphic processing unit is based on the GCN architecture. The Xbox One embraces a 4K resolution with a video output of 3840×2160. As well as the 7.1 surround sound.

Microsoft Corporation has just announced a launching in the United States in November, with a price tag of $499. It is actually higher in price. Without a huge flashing display, it just came unexpectedly. At the price tag of $499, it seems as if it is a niche. To those die hard gamer fans, $499 is an overnight issue. While for other gamers, they wait for a price drop. The device has been on the platform already. If it beats Sony, then it would launch perhaps with its utmost advantage.

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