Apps Will Be Produced That Travel at 70% of Speed of Light

Sara Cunningham June 20, 2013 0
Apps Will Be Produced That Travel at 70% of Speed of Light

The world is heading towards a fast Internet connection era and apps are about to benefit from this rapid development.

For these purposes, big names like Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber and some other companies are set for investing in it. Like Will Barkis said, the fast Ethernet will speed up things for us, starting from the simplest Internet-based activity. Some developers are already making some apps that will support this fast Internet and will travel at 70% of speed of light. Sounds exciting, right?

Gigabit has the ability to bring huge changes to everything it touches. The buffering you are seeing quite often now will be forgotten when you start using the Gigabit connection. The page loading will be performed within a blink of an eye. We’re about to get the best of the Internet connection and the benefits seem unlimited!

Bill Brock, Engage3D managing director, is concerned that app development pace will outrun the user’s access to this gigabit connection speed. According to him, the activity that is going on in Kansas City is really cool and they were the critical mass. He added that the hardest thing for building this kind of app is the widespread adoption, without it, the developers can’t do any significant improvement.

google fiber

Chattanooga has already made some efforts to see the actual impact of this improved gigabit connection structure. Brock said that this city has a residential fiber network and another smart grid network. The combination of these two has eliminated all the blackouts.

Gigabit speeds could be the crucial part into the war between the web and native apps. Browser’s major weapon can be this gigabit connection because it will boost the data more than the browser can handle. None of this will happen before gigabit spreads around. Even Kansas City that has this fast internet connection is not ready because the proper infrastructure isn’t created yet. When asked about the app development, Brock said wider gigabit connection is the major problem right now while the app development is now cheaper and far easier than it was before. All the developers are ready to go on their way for creating the proper applications for the future but the only problem is they still don’t have the starting point they need.

Yesterday, we made a report that this fast Internet connection is ready to make some changes in near future. It was said that Ethernet will be three times faster than Google Fiber. It’s too early to make conclusions. We need to wait until 2016 to see what will actually happen.

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