Apple Fans Anticipating iPhone 5S: But When is it Coming?

Jasmina Lozevska June 20, 2013 3
Apple Fans Anticipating iPhone 5S: But When is it Coming?

We expect Apple to make an official statement that they are scheduling an event for unveiling the new iPhone 5S this year. You can find numerous rumors on the web and expectations for the next gen iPhone that will enable you to design the concept of the device in your head. Apple knows how to satisfy its loyal customers’ taste and so far, they didn’t release any statement that will bring our hopes up again.

Several sources have reported that the new iPhone 5S will be launched by October. It will use the period until iOS7 is ready for a public release and after that, we will see the new iPhone 5S. We could finally see a bigger screened iPhone version. However, Tim Cook has declined these rumors a couple of times now. There are still some unanswered questions that are circling around the web, saying that Apple will release either only one model or more different sized iPhones. Will Apple finally release the most rumored iPhone Mini? Will Apple add NFC to its smartphone? – So many questions without an answer.

Here’s a brief round-up of all rumors that were released through the whole year. We will start with this month’s rumors.

Earlier in June, we saw a report saying we will not see a redesigned iPhone this year. The source was The WSJ.

iphone 5s


In this month, there were some rumors that said we will see the next gen iPhone 5S and iPhone Mini in several colors and maybe a dual-LED flash support for the camera. Some other report by Morgan Stanley suggested that we can expect the new iPhone in September. Earlier this month, we saw a report that came from Japan saying that the display production for the new iPhone will start in June.


Citi Research has reported that Apple is facing some delays for its iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 and these devices might be released in August or September. We saw some leaked images which were showing the budget iPhone with a plastic chassis. These images were released by the manufacturer for mobile cases, Tactus. Another source claimed that the manufacturing of the iPhone 5S, iPhone Mini and iPhone 6 will face delays due to some production issues. Analyst claimed that iPhone 5S will offer two or three different display sizes. In April, we saw that Apple’s future plans involve releasing an iPhone in the summer and other source claimed that the next two iPhones that we are going to see on the market are designed from former CEO Steve Jobs.



We must say that we heard most rumors for Apple’s future plans in March. The last rumor in March said that the iPhone 5S will launch June 20 (that’s tomorrow btw) and the shipments will start in July. This comes from MacFan, a Japanese tech site. Analyst Gene Munster said that we could expect the next gen iPhone by the end of June and iPhone Mini will follow in late September. Other report claimed that we will see the iPhone Mini launch this year without a Retina display and other report said iPhone 5S will include faster chip and maybe a 12-mpix camera. Earlier in March, we noticed rumors about some killer software that will be presented along with the iPhone 5S and support for wireless charging. Other rumors repeated the same thing – that we will have the iPhone 5S until August, July or June.

We’ve covered only these months because the speculations are repeating over and over again. We heard a lot of expectations so far and this doesn’t mean they will stop here. Until the day when the next iPhone comes out, we will hear a lot of suggestions, rumors and expectations involving Apple’s future plans. iOS 7 is here, the next thing that needs to complete the whole image is a new device.


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