What’s Facebook’s ‘Big Idea’?

Sara Cunningham June 21, 2013 1
What’s Facebook’s ‘Big Idea’?

The event is finally over and I must admit, we expected a big revelation. We expected a new RSS reader to be announced by Facebook. Instead, they announced that they are bringing a video feature to Instagram. Facebook now enables you to capture your best moment on a short video. Instagram users from now on, could shoot videos and post it to their Instagram profiles, just like it was with images by now.

From now on, all the iOS and Android users of the Instagram applications can switch between camera and video and will have the same filters for videos, as well. This new video feature will offer you to shoot 15 second of video. You can hold the movie button to shoot the video and release if you want to pause and resume with shooting later. You can also delete the videos and re-record it afterwards. This new feature offers you switching between back- and front-facing cameras. Don’t worry, Facebook brought 13 new filters that are just for the video feature and all the users can choose a cover frame for their display.

Along with the release of this new feature, Facebook has announced that Instagram now has 130 million users. With the release of the video feature, Facebook gets in direct competition with Twitter’s Vine. Vine had a great start noting 13 million users just in a few months. According to Gartner research director, Brian Blau, the video is very difficult market for the technologies to get into. This fact can be seen by many of the mobile apps that are meant for posting video content and plus from SocialCam and Viddy which has gathered a big audience on Facebook’s back. He added that Vine is successful because it has made the user interface very simple and instead of creating interesting video they have made it to use it for something basic and really simple.


If we look at the past products from Facebook, this social network has failed to attract the attention of the users with their innovational releases like Facebook Home and Graph Search. Even if you take the bigger News Feed that has been released this year, you can see that it still has limited availability. This indicates that Facebook’s internal process around the new products is not precisely defined to create bigger success. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Instagram video will not be successful to meet everyone’s criteria.

To be hones,t I could have been more satisfied if Facebook announced its version of RSS reader. I’m not saying that I’m not excited because Instagram video is a great addition, but I think that RSS could have attracted more audience.

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