The Much Rumored Low Cost iPhone won’t be so Cheap After All

Heidi Speare June 21, 2013 1
The Much Rumored Low Cost iPhone won’t be so Cheap After All


Right after we reported the round up of all the rumors that are iPhone-related, we are on the verge of another speculation that includes the budget iPhone. Pegatron CEO has said that the much rumored low cost iPhone from Apple won’t come as cheap as it was rumored. If you didn’t know by now, Pegatron is one of plenty suppliers for the company.

This report came from China Times, covered by a blog site called Macotakara. It was said that on a meeting for shareholders, T.H. Tung gave information that the cheaper iPhone is real but it won’t come out as cheap as we all expect. He didn’t give specific details about the price but said that it will be “fairly high” for this kind of a mid-range product. Pegatron CEO explained this with adding that all other cheaper smartphones are able to do so many things that they are acquitting their prices.

Recently, we were informed that Apple has shift a percentage of its manufacturing work to Pegatron to avoid possible difficulties when relying on one supplier. The work has been shifted from Foxconn. Unofficially, Pegatron has been assigned as a major supplier for the budget iPhone. This was reported by WSJ back in May and until this report, we didn’t have even the slightest clue that this happened. Last month, Pegatron has announced that its work will be bigger by 40% in the second half of this year. This is another suggestion that proves the rumors for the low cost iPhone more truthful.

plastic iphone


Over the past few months, we saw a huge number of rumors that predicted this device. Apple has reported a couple of times that they are not interested in making a cheap phone because that’s not their working method. So far, we saw that there’s a possibility it would be called iPhone Mini. It will have a 3.5-inch screen and it will be made from plastic. Plastic chassis is not something that Apple is a fan of but they need to bring plastic back if they want to sell this iPhone for a cheaper price tag. This report from Pegatron shows that maybe Apple is making the iPhone Mini from aluminum and that’s why it will not be as cheap as we thought. We will see what’s cooking up in Apple’s oven this fall.

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