Features We Want to see on the iPhone 5S

Jasmina Lozevska June 22, 2013 1
Features We Want to see on the iPhone 5S

Yesterday, we’ve made a round-up of all the rumors related to the upcoming iPhone 5S and some other iPhones that will probably come out this fall. Our concern is the next gen iPhone 5 that, after all the speculations that it will be called iPhone 6, will likely come out as iPhone 5S. There are some features that we all want to see and hope Apple will finally include them into the next gen iPhone. Here is a list of the things that iPhone 5 is missing and we want to see in iPhone 5S:

1. NFC

Near Field Communication is a great feature that can be used for making payment or sharing a photo just by placing your iPhone over a special sensor. It’s like having a magical device into your hands. This could’ve been used like a big advantage but instead Apple didn’t even consider including it.

2. Higher internal storage capacity

On the WWDC event, Tim Cook has announced that the average customer is using about 100 apps on their iPhones. Regarding this fact and the ordinary list of apps combined with music, videos and photos most people have in their iPhones – filling the capacity of the phone runs out pretty quickly. We already saw the iPad upgraded to 128GB storage and back then, few rumors showed up saying that we could see the iPhone with this amount of storage. What do you think about an iPhone 5S with 128GB of storage? – Yes, please!

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3. Fingerprint – biometric security

It’s just a matter of time when Apple is going to use their recently acquired company that specializes this kind of fingerprint scanning. Instead of swiping for unlocking your screen, you will need to place your finger over your screen to unlock it. This can bring a notable difference in your iPhone experience, plus it would look so cool to use it.

4. Wireless charging

This became the most desired feature on every smartphone device out there. iPhone is next in the line of devices which we expect to have this feature. It would be easy-to-use and very useful. This is something that looks like Apple’s job to handle but this company didn’t give even the slightest clue that they are interested in this.

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5. Better battery life

This will definitely attract the attention of owners of other smartphones. We saw the new MacBook Air with improved battery launched at WWDC and we need to see an iPhone 5S with this feature.

There are other features that we just need them to see in the next iPhone but we chose these as the most common ones that every user would want to have on their iPhone. According to the rumors, we just need to wait few more months to see if Apple is going to include something of the abovementioned features.

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