Images of Rumored Apple iPhone 5S Leaked

Sara Cunningham June 22, 2013 0

As we get close to the revealing of the upcoming iPhone 5S, rumors and leaked images can be seen everywhere. The photos are showing the back of the iPhone and from what we could see, there isn’t any notable difference between this model and the iPhone 5. MacRumors has reported these photos and according to them, this must be the new iPhone 5S.

At the moment, the iPhone 5S is the most rumored and most expected device to come from Apple in near future. The number of expectations is growing day by day. This leakage fueled the rumors in the tech world even more.

If you look closely, you will notice the slight difference in the bigger LED flash right next to the camera lens. As for the camera performance, we are expecting this iPhone model to have a 12-mpix camera with improved picture quality in low-light environment. The led-flash might be stronger if we relate on this new leaked pictures.

Along with the picture, MacRumors added some photos are showing the main logic board. There’s a new layout for the components used for manufacturing. It shows that the battery will be upgraded, also. Compared with the iPhone 5’s 5.45 Whr, this new iPhone 5S is supposed to have 5.92 Whr.


There are different suggestions when it comes to the release date of this new iPhone 5S. Some are saying that we will see the launch in September and as of October we’ll have it on the shelves of our favorite carriers. However, many rumors are saying that Apple is ready to launch few more iPhones with different screen sizes. We might see the low-cost iPhone by the end of this year and a new bigger iPhone 6 could be launched in Q1 of 2014.

Apple is still secretive about its plans and didn’t post any comments about this rumor.

Leaked images are always fun to see because at the end, we will see that some of them have represented the actual design of the new device. If you remember, we showed one report about leaked images for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and all the information on the picture turned out to be true at the official introduction. We expect more of these to come in near future because there is no official iPhone reveal date posted by Apple.

Apple has to do something that will make the competition sweat. From previous experience, Apple is a company that knows how to do that.

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