Could Google Glass Replace the iPhone?

Jasmina Lozevska June 23, 2013 1
Could Google Glass Replace the iPhone?

The majority of readers will immediately answer negatively. Don’t jump to conclusions right away, because one report from Forrester showed that 12% of the people in the U.S are willing to wear this new gadget from Google every day without taking it off. Google Glass might very soon become one of the favorable gadgets and in near future, you might as well begin to see people wearing it everywhere.

These 12% of the whole U.S population is equal to 21.6 million online customers who said that they will buy and wear Google Glass and they won’t even hesitate to wear this product from their trusted brand. The lead analyst in this report, Sarah Rotman Epps, said that we haven’t seen this much attention for a gadget since 2007, when the iPhone was introduced for the first time. She added that there is no doubt Google Glass will represent the next iPhone. Some negative reviews and several bans followed the Google Glass but this didn’t stop people from wanting to have it.

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There is no doubt that some of you won’t like to wear the Glass. However, I think many of you would love to have this wearable device in the form of eyeglasses that enables you to take photos, record videos, get directions on the road, chat, it can read you everything you want on the Web and much more. Google Glass Explore edition already started with the shipments to developers back in April but we will not be able to use it this year. As for the next year, this device is scheduled to be launched in Q1.

There is still some unfinished business that needs to be done before Google Glass makes its debut and Google lets users purchase it. Epps said that the very short battery life and Mirror API’s limited use is a big concern and needs to be improved if Google wants to hit the market soon. She added that Google is one of the companies out there that can deal with such things and the device is still in its development period and there is no doubt that Google is working hard on making new apps and improvements. This can easily become the next amazing platform.

Nevertheless, in order to make any difference it must come out first. Everything depends on the demand for the product and how well it can perform in practice. Not everyone is a born developer to see all the positive sides of a device. Normal user experience is something else and I can assure you that Google knows how to make it simple and easy to handle.

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