10.1 OS Update for AT&T Blackberry Z10 Users an Error

Alex Bezeau June 23, 2013 0
10.1 OS Update for AT&T Blackberry Z10 Users an Error


Yesterday, we brought joy to all BB Z10 users about the new 10.1 OS update and now we have to disappoint them. It was said that this OS version released in April finally gets its debut in the U.S through AT&T. Now, BlackBerry declined that they ever approved AT&T to release the update and this was big error made by the carrier. BB representative said that the update will follow very soon.

The company has advised all the Z10 users who received this false notification to stop waiting because it’s not going to happen now. This is why some users have voiced discontent yesterday saying that they can’t see the update available on their smartphone. It was said that BlackBerry and AT&T are working hard now to release this updated version pretty soon. This means that you will get the update but not at this moment. This 10.1 OS version has already been available for install in the other countries around the world and we are still waiting for the official release in the U.S.

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In case you have missed it, this OS update is only meant for BlackBerry’s smartphone Z10 and it includes plenty of features that will be great fit for this smartphone. Features like HDR option and Pin 2 Pin messages will make the user experience easier and much better. With the update, the power button will gain another feature for unlocking your display. There are several new ones also, but you can check up tips and video hints how to use it better. The time that remains for you while you wait is to get prepared for the best use of this new OS version.

Maybe this is not the perfect time and place to blame AT&T or BlackBerry for this error but from my stand point BB has caused confusion among users once again. BlackBerry CEO said that they are satisfied by the demand for the Z10 smartphone but we could see that the number of sales isn’t so good.

You can get this smartphone for $199.99 at AT&T with a two-year contract. If you choose to buy it without a contract, you will need to pay $549.99. If you want to buy it wait until the OS 10.1 release is official.

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