Virgin Mobile Finally Gets Apple’s iPhone 5

Sara Cunningham June 23, 2013 0
Virgin Mobile Finally Gets Apple’s iPhone 5

There are some US carriers that still don’t have the iPhone 5. One of these was Virgin Mobile. This carrier hasn’t been able to offer the iPhone 5 in their plans and starting from June 28, Virgin Mobile customers can purchase the 16GB version for $549.99. With this information, the rumors about bringing the iPhone 5 to the network have stopped and the users can now enjoy the benefits of this smartphone along with the carrier’s offers.

Right after the iPhone 5 was released on sale, rumors started saying that this device will come to Virgin Mobile. First it was said that in October we will be able to purchase it from this carrier. When we saw that this didn’t happen, some speculations were saying the carrier is preparing the iPhone 5 for its pre-paid plan and it will be launched pretty soon. This “soon” comes after 9 months and if you have waited for so long for it, now is the time to take the full advantage.

All the Virgin Mobile customers can order their iPhone 5 model right from the Virgin Mobile web site. You can choose between white or black version and this phone, under this carrier, can be found at RadioShack and at the dealers of the company. You can get the 16GB version for $549.99. The 32GB model is available for $649.99 and you need to pay $749.99 if you want to get the iPhone 5 with 64GB.

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Purchasing the iPhone 5 from this carrier will enable you to choose from the offered plans. You can choose Beyond Talk plans which are offering unlimited 4G LTE and 3G plus unlimited messages. The plans are not expensive at all. They start from $35 on monthly basis. Virgin Mobile offers $5 monthly discount for the users who will choose automatic payments.

This comes after we saw some leaked images for the new iPhone 5S. According to the rumors, we expect it to come this fall along with the low-cost iPhone. It’s never too late to bring this kind of a smartphone into your carrier plans. If you see that the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are still on the offer table by some carriers, bringing the iPhone 5 after almost a year doesn’t mean anything. This is good news for all the Virgin Mobile customers. The official release is just few days away.

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