Reports Claim SmartWatch by Sony Will Have NFC

Jasmina Lozevska June 23, 2013 0
Reports Claim SmartWatch by Sony Will Have NFC

It’s been a long time since we posted the last report about smartwatches. Since Apple made it clear that we won’t see its iWatch this year and Samsung’s CEO announced that they hired a couple of innovators working hard on their smartwatch, Sony will take a full advantage by bringing NFC to their smartwatch version. This comes from few sources close to the company’s future plans.

The rumors about the next-gen smartwatch from Sony just became real and as it was speculated, this new version will feature few new features. According to it, this SmartWatch version will be equipped with a bigger screen and it will have some slight water-resistant feature. It will support a touch screen and will run on Android, just like the current model. Along with the display, there will be three icons at the bottom of it, just like it’s on all of the Xperia smartphones. The best part of the news is that it will come with NFC, enabling easy one-touch pairing with Android-based smartphones. This connection will be maintained by Bluetooth.

sony smartwatch

This information comes after Sony’s Xperia official Twitter account has posted a picture about the next gen smart watch.  Sony is targeting the Mobile Asia Expo as the best time to reveal this new smartwatch. This trade show is scheduled for June 26 and it will last only two days. This is obvious because several tweets suggested this reveal and couple of them were posted with a “tick-tock” title. Along with these possible new smartwatch pictures, this account has posted a picture suggesting that 1/3 of the smartphone users want to use a smartwatch. This result is taken from a survey made by the company. There are dozens of new tweets carrying the same hashtag #MAE13 which represents Mobile Asia Expo 2013 and #itstime.

Sony probably wants to outrival its competition in the smartphone market with releasing a brand new smartwatch with new features. Sony entered in this “game” last year when they revealed the present version of its smartwatch which was priced $150. Back then, the smartwatch market got a little bit crowded and wearing this Sony smartwatch, you can manage calls, control music, read messages and read social updates and e-mails. Now, the expectations are higher and we need to wait another week in order to see what Sony has come up with this time. Our team will bring you a full report of what happened there after the event ends.

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