E-reader for Under $40: The Kobo Mini E-reader

Alex Bezeau June 24, 2013 0
E-reader for Under $40: The Kobo Mini E-reader


When I first saw this E-reader my first impression was that it looks just like the Kindle. However, it’s a bit different because it has a touch-screen and is 30% cheaper than Kindle. You can now get this Kobo Mini e-reader for only $39.99. It’s very easy to handle and yes, it fits well in your pocket. You can choose from black and white version of this device.

As time passes, tablet prices have begun to decrease under the $150 mark. Having this on mind, I’m not surprised that the e-readers price tags are falling very fast. Therefore, if you couldn’t decide by now whether to buy one for yourself or not, this is the perfect time for you to make your purchase for $40. It has an eye-friendly screen that is made perfect for reading, great design and has a great battery life.

kobo mini ereader


Kobo Mini e-reader is offered for $39.99 for limited time and represents the best deal out there at this time. It’s equipped with a touchscreen feature on its 5-inch display and with a weight of 4.7 ounces, it’s the lightest device available at this moment. It has an 800 MHz processor and 2GB of storage capacity. The battery can last for a month if the Wi-Fi feature is turned off.  You can buy e-books right through the device. There are over 3 million books, magazines and newspapers available at the eBookstore and over 1 mill titles for free. It has a built-in dictionary and 8 font styles along with 24 different font sizes.

You can store your purchased eBooks right in the cloud and you will be able to retrieve them at anytime you want. Social Reading is also included, which enables you to share on Facebook what you read at the time or share something else. Based on your preferences and feedbacks, this e-reader will give you personalized recommendation about e-books.

If you haven’t used some of the Amazon’s Kindle e-readers this is perfect offer that you can take advantage of. It could be difficult for you to transfer from using the Kindle to this device but if you want touch-screen experience than this is the perfect time. Along with the price you need to pay additional $8 for shipping. Use this promo offer now and bring your e-reader version home.

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