Security Glitch of Facebook Affects More than 6 Million Users

Jasmina Lozevska June 24, 2013 0
Security Glitch of Facebook Affects More than 6 Million Users

Facebook’s security comes in question once again, as another glitch has affected more than 6 million users. This bug has hit the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the users and they have been exposed to the public. This is another embarrassment for this social network because they tend to keep this information very secretively.

It was said that this bug has used the “Download your information” tool to gather the information from the users. We have received a warning by White Hat Program Company earlier this month for this kind of bug. Facebook fixed this bug in 24 hours and everything should be good now. According to the note that was published on the security blog by Facebook, they sounded really disappointed and embarrassed by this situation. They added that will work hardly to prevent this from happening again.

The glitch is tough to explain. As we can see from the security blog, this bug is using a copy of your data when you choose to download it. The archive might happen to include an e-mail and phone number of the people you have recently connected with. It’s said that you got this extra info because of some error during a process that involves a friend recommendation.


Facebook added that they have no information if this bug was used maliciously and so far, they didn’t face user complaints on this. Facebook didn’t sit back and wait something to happen. They have informed all Europe, U.S and Canada regulators for this matter. The users who have been affected will receive an e-mail with all the shared information.

This opens up some serious security questions and this worldwide popular social network should do anything in its power to prevent similar situations in future. Even though e-mails and numbers were shared only with previously contacted people, this might lead to more serious problems that we doubt Facebook would want to face.

These things can happen often online, but a company like Facebook can’t let users’ private information slip out of their hands. We all signed up on this network with a thought that we, along with our private information, will be safe. Imagine if this glitch went bigger and shared the information through the whole social network. Facebook is capable of removing these bugs and I just know that they will not let this happen again.

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