As Google Reader Closes AOL Reader Arrives

Sara Cunningham June 24, 2013 0
As Google Reader Closes AOL Reader Arrives

We are preparing to let Google Reader go a week from now and we are still in search for the perfect replacement. AOL Reader will be right here waiting for us right after Google closes its reader version. It was reported that it will come as soon as Monday and it will contain all our favorite websites in one place. It sounds pretty good on paper but we’ll see will it perform like our favorite reader did – Google Reader.

It was announced that the main focus of this reader will be being simple and fast. Person close to this plan said that AOL is ready to release the reader on Monday, so we hope this information is true.  We will have couple of days to see if it’s the perfect replacement because the competition out there is getting stronger. Other companies that already have their reader version are narrowing their goals to look more as the Google Reader.

Keeping it simple will be a nice strategy for attracting users’ attention. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no other companies that have the same strategy. The landing page clearly says that it will be very easy to have all of your favorite web sites in this reader. This reader comes at the right time to battle with the other companies. We can put them all in one box for Google Reader wannabes that are forcing their version to take full advantage of Google’s closing.


Other companies like Digg, are planning to launch their own RSS service this week. It was said that this version will have the ability to sync with Google in order to import the data from Google Reader. There will be some usual functions and options, plus some additional sophisticated functions which were undisclosed. Feedly also announced that it has redesigned its site to be compatible with all browsers. We could notice some new interface that won’t need any browser extensions and plug-ins to be working.

It’s nice to see more companies battle in this field and build their own RSS versions. We hope we will have a wide range to choose the perfect reader. Google announced that they will close the Reader a few months ago, with an explanation that they are working on something new. Since then, we were searching for the perfect RSS to replace it. Maybe this week we will finally find it.

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