Online Or Brick and Mortar Store – Get The Best Of Both

Wayne Bond June 24, 2013 0

The popularity of online shopping has grown immensely over the last few  years. One of the main reasons being the reduced prices offered and the ease of  payment through PayPal. With the onset of new technology products being offered  daily, this has become the hub for sales. However, not every online store is as  reputable as you would like them to be. So, buyer beware.

Online Shopping

Browse the websites of the product you are considering buying and before   making your purchase read the checklist below to avoid being cheated.

Here are some ways you can help protect yourself when shopping online.

  • Firstly, check the reputation of the website you wish to buy from. Does it  have a certificate to show its’ authenticity?
  • Does the checkout take you to a secure site?
  • Is PayPal available to make your purchase? If PayPal is, it is in your  interest to learn about it, as it is one of the safest ways to do money  transactions online.
  • Check their feedback from previous buyers, as they are usually very honest  about their opinion of receiving good service or the opposite.
  • Always make sure you see how much postage is going to be charged and whether  this is for Next Day Delivery, Express post on General Mail.
  • Is there a return policy. If so look to see how many days you have to return  the goods.
  • If no return policy is in place, write to them to ask what guarantee you  have if goods faulty or not as described.
  • Quick replies are essential.


You should protect your welfare as a consumer while shopping online. Online  shopping can be fun and in most cases money saved. Be alert and check out the  store and if satisfied go ahead and enjoy the savings.

Brick and Mortar Store

You may not be interested in shopping online and much prefer to shop at your  local store.

  • You can see what you are buying and take the goods home immediately.
  • There is a salesperson in the store to answer your queries.
  • They have a physical store to return goods if faulty
  • There are no postal charges
  • If the shop is owner operated, a discount price can sometimes be  negotiated
  • You can pay with cash or by credit card.
  • You feel like you are contributing to your local community


Whichever your choice of where to buy, more and more people are going online  to review and news sites, to see exactly what is on offer. With technology based  products this a great way of seeing what is new on the market or coming soon. No  disappointment on making a purchase only to find a new model is coming out next  week. In most cases, on these review sites, the person has actually viewed and  tested the product before writing the review. The specifications and approximate  prices are given too. You will know whether a product is suitable for gaming or  for normal use.

Due to the recent global economic crisis, people have become hesitant about  spending their money. They are worried they could lose their jobs, with so many  businesses going bankrupt. As a result both online and local stores have  suffered greatly through lack of sales. To entice people back to their stores,  they are holding Sales, their goods have been reduced and there is no better  time to grab a bargain. Both online and local stores want your business and feel  if they can get the edge in any way, they will.

Make this work for you. You are the consumer and with the knowledge you gain  through research, the more likely you will successfully purchase the product you  want.

Some people prefer shopping online, others at their local store. With both  options. knowledge is power and with the help of news and reviews sites you can  get all the information you need to make the best choice. For the latest  information on technology products, please visit

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