Samsung’s Ativ Book 9 Plus – MacBook Air’s direct Competitor

Alex Bezeau June 24, 2013 0
Samsung’s Ativ Book 9 Plus – MacBook Air’s direct Competitor


Samsung will try to take a shot at Apple’s MacBook Air with the launch of its new Samsung Ativ Book 9. This laptop has a nice packed thin frame with amazing high performance and long-lasting battery life. It will try to compete with the best products on the market with its high-resolution screen. There are still no details about its price but from its looks, we can say it will come cheaper than other with the same specs.


When you first look at this ultrabook, you will notice that it looks like the other Series 9 ultrabooks that this new Ativ Book 9 replaces. It comes in blue-gray color and the same metal curving edging that we already saw on the other ultrabooks of this kind. It remains with its full metal chassis and it looks really stylish and premium when compared with other plastic-made ultrabooks.



There are no big changes with the touch pad and keyboard design but Samsung did bring some additional tweaks. The touch pad is made more responsive and you can notice that the backlight is brighter than the one on its predecessors. Maybe for some of us, this won’t mean there’s a big difference, but for the good design addicts something is clearly better than nothing.


Samsung did an upgrade when it comes to the display, as well. It has brought its 9 series display to an astonishing 3,200×1,800 pixel resolution. Everything you see on this laptop looks crystal clear, very sharp and crisp. The pixels added will make the images and videos look amazing. This ultrabook runs on Windows 8 and of course, it has the touch-screen function. While we are at the touch-screen function, it supports 10 inputs and it has proven to be very responsive.

We have to note that there aren’t plenty of videos that support resolution this high. However, in near future when UHD TV gains more popularity we’ll welcome these videos to take full advantage of our Samsung Ativ Book 9.

ativ book 9 plus

Hardware and features

Samsung has brought one of the new Haswell Intel Core processors but wasn’t specified which one. I expect it to be made with different power efficiencies in order to let us choose what power we need from our laptop. It will have different SSD storage capacity options that you can, again, choose depending on how much you want to spend and how much storage capacity you need. As it seems, it will support Intel HD Graphics up to 8GB.

Just like Apple’s MacBook Air, Samsung has made it clear that this laptop will be awake for 12 hours. I know that the battery life always depends of what you are using your laptop for. If you put everything on high-performance you can’t expect this battery to last 12 hours.

It’s too early to tell how it will perform in the user’s hands. From what we could see by know, it’s a great ultrabook and clearly Samsung knows how to make people spend their money when in doubt. Is this the device that will break off Apple’s MacBook Air popularity? – It remains to be seen.

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