Android Updates for Vine Provide Fundamentals for App Lacking on Launch

Jasmina Lozevska June 25, 2013 0
Android Updates for Vine Provide Fundamentals for App Lacking on Launch

Four months after Twitter has launched Vine for iOS based devices, this video shooting app has come to Android, too. It became very popular with its 6sec video noting 13 million users. When first showed, this Android version got many options like easy video creation, explore feature, it enabled you to discover all the trending posts, find friends and invite other people for joining you. Now, few weeks after, Twitter has brought us a new update for this app. And yes, it came right after Instagram has brought video upgrade to its video app.

The update involves some usual options like mentions, hashtags and search that by undisclosed reason, were just not there on the previous version. With this new release, Android’s Vine version is now running on the same pace with iOS version. The users are now enabled to shoot their 6sec video and share it on Facebook while using hashtags, mentions. While everyone waited this next update to include support for the front-facing camera, Vine for Android left them disappointed.

This new update is all about the new features. Previously, the only thing that made it different from the iOS version was the Zoom option that only Android users could take a full advantage of it. There were some rumors suggesting that new features and design will be introduced but none of this happened either. There were three short videos posted by Rus Yusupov and Dom Hofman on their Twitter profiles indicating this new design and videos presented like videos with larger screen. There were only slight improvements to video quality and capture.

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As for its direct competitor Instagram, it was announced that on the first day, 5 million videos were uploaded. There is no doubt that Instagram has bigger audience but Vine has proved to be a really tough competitor. Vine now supports Android 4.0 OS or above and represents great way for sharing your life in motion. It offers unlimited free uploads with a sharing options for Facebook and Twitter. You can find it in Google Play Store for free. Along with these improvements it now offers clear cache button, UI improvements and bug fixes.

The great thing about this app is that got updated very fast. This means that people started using it on daily basis sharing with Twitter what it lacked. It has some great reviews and I expect lot of great new things to be included in some future updates.

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