Sony’s Smartwatch 2 to Surpass Expectations after Sony Smartwatch Epic Fail

Heidi Speare June 26, 2013 0


The first smartwatch that came from Sony didn’t meet all expectations. It was really expensive and its functionality was poor. It was beaten by the competitor’s watches like Pebble which supported the iOS and Android platforms plus it was resistant to water. Now is time for Sony to show what they were working on in the past period of time. Sony has introduced the new SmartWatch 2 that has some improvements and modifications.


This wearable device is made of aluminum and now the chassis gives some premium and expensive look. It comes equipped with 24mm wristband that is removable so that you can switch or customize it. The power button is a bit rounded and its quite similar to the power button of Xperia lineup by Sony. It has a 1.6-inch display that supports a touch screen feature. The bigger difference in this area is that SmartWatch 2 uses LCD screen and its predecessor used OLED panel. When it comes to resolution, the display comes with 220×176 pixels.

sony smartwatch 2


If you compare it with its predecessor, this watch is heavier and larger. The difference is only 8 grams so you will not feel any difficulty while wearing it. Lots of rumors were saying that it will be water resistant. Yes, it comes with this feature and now it will be protected if you spill water over it. However, be aware that you can’t go swimming of showering while wearing it.

Sony SmartWatch 2 comes with MicroUSB port that will give you easier experience while charging your watch.


Unlike the previous version, SmartWatch 2 comes with NFC which will make the process easier when pairing with your smartphone. It can support all the apps that were compatible with the last version.

Sony-Smartwatch-2-goes-official (1)

So far, the only lacking feature is the Bluetooth 3.0. Not supporting the newest Bluetooth 4.0 came as big surprise because this version has low energy protocol. Sony has announced that this watch can last 3 to 4 days but we will see how this goes after it goes under some tests. It was made compatible with any Android device so you will no longer need to purchase Sony handset to use the watch.

As some of the bigger companies tend to produce their own smartwatch, Sony has made some new interesting wearable device. It comes at a right time when the demand for these gadgets is rising. Starting this fall, maybe the competition will become bigger as the rumors for Apple launching its iWatch are becoming stronger day by day. Samsung is here also with their version but nothing is official yet. Perhaps in near future we will see the companies compete over smartwatches, who knows.

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