Shut Down Option via Start Button from Windows 8.1

Alex Bezeau June 26, 2013 0
Shut Down Option via Start Button from Windows 8.1


Another sneak-peek feature is available before the official revealing of Windows 8.1. This time, Windows Server 2012 R2 preview offered a slight peek of what we might see in this new Windows update. WS2012 R2 was officially released today for preview and you can download it from TechNet Evaluation Center. It was said that we could expect this feature in this upcoming Windows version because these two have similar features and options.

The new Windows 8.1 will try to meet the demands of many users putting the “shut down and restart” option on the start screen. On this available server preview, we could notice some similar things that could likely become part of this Windows version. As it seems, the preview for the 8.1 version is scheduled for Wednesday and so far, Microsoft worked really hard to keep everything in secret.  Many rumors have surrounded this version and there are lots of expectations. The myth about the returning of the Start button may be revealed Wednesday.

On the previous version, Microsoft has included a lot of unusual ways for shutting down or restarting your computer. None of them was working like it was suppose to. Maybe with this new option Microsoft will make users’ experience much easier. Along with it, they will notice some other slight improvements and differences on the Start screen of Windows 8.1.



Computer title has been changed into “This PC”. Right from the start, you can see an arrow and by clicking on it, you can go to the application screen. You can now select few tiles and after that you can perform one command on all of them. From what we could see, the tiles can give you multiply size choices like Large, Wide, Medium and Small.

It’s been a long wait for the official Windows 8.1 release. As it seems, we are going to wait a little bit more. You could have seen numerous reports on our site which were all related to this Windows 8.1 with a codename Blue. Windows 8 itself brought couple of innovations but it has been followed with numerous complaints and bugs. To be honest, I liked everything I saw on this OS version and I expect big things from it coming with the next version. I hope that Microsoft will not disappoint me and all the other customers who are waiting this new upgraded OS.

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