GameStop and Amazon Sell out of OUYA as it is Launched

Heidi Speare June 27, 2013 0
GameStop and Amazon Sell out of OUYA as it is Launched


Ouya, the rumored open-source gaming console has been launched for the public. A month ago, we saw a report that it was delayed until June 25. Back then, people working on it said that this delay is due to the greater demand. First it was announced that we are going to see it launched three weeks earlier but they said this period will be used for producing more units.

We saw the console launching and it’s already gone. Ouya hit the markets earlier today and some of their representatives are saying that they sold all units. Amazon is the first in line that reported this gaming console out of stock. GameStop also said that they sold all of their available units. However, you can still find this device at Target and Best Buy. This was an interesting project started on Kickstarter and you can see where it is now.

This open source console wasn’t able to gain the same firepower as the bigger competitors like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I can stay that this console is still in the working process because of its Nvidia chipset version Tegra 3. This is a great possibility for the developers to attach their supported titles to it. It was announced that this gaming console has about 170 games ready for download and includes a software development kit that will enable all people test their titles right from it. It also comes equipped with some streaming applications like iHeartRadio, XBMC and Plex.


Julie Uhrman, Ouya CEO, said that she is amazed by the thought that last year this was only an idea and now is reality. According to her, the company only wanted to deliver something very different in order to bring a new gaming experience to the market. They have built Ouya that doesn’t require disks because it’s open for all developers. It comes really cheap also and that makes it affordable for the gamers. If you want it, you can buy it only for $99.99.

We saw Xbox One and PlayStation 4 revealed and we can expect them hit the market by the end of this year. We’ve seen other devices come out from Kickstarter but we’ve never seen them sold out this fast. While we wait to see how the Xbox One and PS4 really performs in our hands, we might stick around little a bit more with Ouya.

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