Microsoft Developers Conference in San Francisco: What’s New?

Sara Cunningham June 27, 2013 0
Microsoft Developers Conference in San Francisco: What’s New?

The conference held by Microsoft for developers in San Francisco has ended. Microsoft has introduced the preview of its new Windows 8.1 and from what we could see, there are some notable changes to the interface and some upgraded apps. Let’s go step by step.

Start Menu

A lot of complaints were heading towards the previous Windows 8 version because Microsoft has removed the start button. Now it has been returned to its normal place in this Windows 8.1. You will not get the same menu style like you had in Win 7 but the majority of options are again one-click away. There is nothing exciting bringing back some old features but in this situation Microsoft had to do better returning all the elements back from its previous OS versions. When you use Windows daily, you miss some options like Control Panel or others. Now the menu has been made more accessible and it’s easier to use.

Upgraded Search

There aren’t any big improvements but the Search option can now do a bit bit more than earlier. Now, the search gives you more global results from different sources. The results will be placed horizontally and you can find all the results coming from other sources by scrolling right.



You can now run multiply apps on the monitor in the same time and you can resize them using the Snap feature. For running simultaneous apps you will need a display that supports a 2560×1440 pixel resolution. It has a support for two monitors and on them you can run up to 8 different applications.

Improved camera app

On the previous Windows version you were able only to crop photos. Now there are lots of new features added to the editor tools. You can adjust color, brightness and contrast and you can choose from 6 filters. From what we could see on the presentation, this photo-editor cause’s addiction and you will lose couple of hours editing your photos.

Windows Store

The developers were most excited about this feature. They can now create new apps for the Windows and upload them on the much improved Windows Store. It has been completely redesigned and now has cleaner look with larger images. Your current apps are auto-updated and Microsoft has assured that it will remain their great work for providing the users with the latest apps version.

Boot to Desktop

This new feature will be appreciated by many users who were searching it in the previous Windows version. You can now set up your Windows device to boot right from the desktop but in the OS borders.

Personalized View

With this feature, users can add their own stylish options to their tablets and desktops. They can choose background colors and set a slideshow for their lockscreens that will use photos stored in the hard drive or on SkyDrive.

This interface brings new features that definitely make the Windows OS look better. This new upgraded version still relies on the touch-screen feature and maybe it will not meet your criteria. But, Microsoft has made great step in the proper direction and finally we saw something really impressive. We still need to wait to see how it will perform, though.

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