Back to School Laptops: Sony VAIO Pro 13

Heidi Speare June 27, 2013 0
Back to School Laptops: Sony VAIO Pro 13


When Windows 8 based machines showed up last year we’ve noticed that manufacturing companies have tried really hard to make some kind of power hybrid laptop. Sony VAIO Pro 13 Touch has showed us that the wait for something new has come to an end. As a matter of fact, it looks like it’s made to be a direct competitor of Apple’s MacBook Air.


This ultrabook is constructed from carbon-fiber and weighs 2.34 pounds. Its measurements are: 12.7-inch wide, 0.68-inch thick, 8.5-inch deep. From what you can see, it’s smaller than the MacBook Air. It’s small and light and it’s a perfect visual definition of ultrabook. The construction maybe doesn’t give that feeling like the aluminum body does but it can come close enough.

When you open the lid, the back of the laptop automatically lifts up giving you better experience while typing. The keys are perfectly placed and sized so you will not feel any difficulty while doing your work. The touch pad is really responsive and it has a multitouch support. Using it will feel very odd because while I was testing this ultrabook I used only the touch-screen.

sony vaio pro 13


It’s equipped with a 13.3-inch touch-screen display that comes with 1,920×1,080 pixel resolution. It uses the IPS tech which gives it really wide viewing angles from the bottom, top and both sides. The touch feature comes as a great fit for this kind of a screen size. It’s giving you a nice and easy experience with the Windows 8.

At the top of the screen, you can notice a 1-mpix webcam that uses Sony sensors for better video presentation in low-light condition. The camera can also be used for some gestures like going back while web browsing or turning volume up/down. The speakers are tiny but loud enough, without any kind of distortion. It includes 2 USB 3.0 slots, SD card reader, jack for headphone & microphone. It also has HDMI and Intel WiDi ports.


Sony VAIO Pro 13 comes equipped with 1.6GHz i5 Haswell chip processor from Intel and 4GB DDR3 of RAM. It has an integrated Intel HD graphic card and 128GB of storage capacity. This is the version that Sony is selling for $1,249. The upgraded version that goes for $2,300 has 1,8GHz i7 Haswell chip from Intel, 8GB of RAM, Intel HD graphic card and 512GB storage capacity.

These 4th gen Intel processors haven’t showed any big performance upgrades so far. Although there were some really nice things to see from it, like waking up from sleep took only 3s. This Sony VAIO Pro 13 can run some games that requires great graphic card without any problem. This integrated Intel HD graphic card has performed really well under some tests. However, the system will start to head up and the fans will start whirling while you are playing a game.

sony vaio pro 13

The battery life can pass with an average grade. On some benchmark tests we were able to find, this ultrabook performed 8h and 53min. There was some comparison between this ultrabook and Apple’s MacBook Air. The Air was able to last 14h and 25min on the same tests.

At the end, this is our conclusion of whether you should decide buying it or search for something else. The good side of this Sony VAIO Pro 13 model is that is very light and it uses the latest generation Haswell chips from Intel. The display is very good and bright plus it supports the touch screen which is great fit with the Windows 8. Adding external battery for improving the battery life is also a positive side for this ultrabook. The bad side of it is that this Pro 13 has noremovable battery with average battery life. It has very few connection ports and room only for integrated graphic card.

If Sony is the company of your previous laptop you will not be wrong if you choose this device to be the next you will use for very long time. Sony VAIO Pro 13 packs everything that you will find it useful. It’s little bit expensive though, but you mustn’t choose the $2,300 in order to have the great experience offered by this ultrabook.

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