Will iOS 7 have “Head movements” Control for iPad and iPhone?

Jasmina Lozevska June 28, 2013 0
Will iOS 7 have “Head movements” Control for iPad and iPhone?

iOS 7 was official launched by Apple but only for developers. While we are waiting for the public launch, speculations and rumors are predicting a lot of new stuff. We were able to see numerous upgrades, a redesigned interface and brand new features. According to all calculations, it will be available in fall. The latest report says the users will be able to control their devices with head movements.

Both of Apple’s devices, iPhone and iPad, will have this feature that will come with iOS 7. This rumor was brought by 9to5Mac and according to its reliable sources, Apple has included this head movement feature in the beta version of its iOS 7. According to it, just by slight move left or right with your head you will be able to go through home menu pages, control the selected applications or control the volume. Hopefully this feature can be turned off and on by the user. This kind of accessibility features are meant for the people who have physical, vision or hearing disability. As the report says, this feature will be customizable to satisfy the needs of the user.

Apple has redesigned the whole look on its user interface. Everything is changed, improved with better icons, color schemes and even buttons. Many analysts have said that all the users will be as excited as they were in 2007. You will have completely new experience and you will feel that you have brand new iPhone/iPad while holding your last bought iOS device. It was said that the screen will have a 3D look and by swiping from the bottom – up you will see the quick access to your most used options.


The first iOS 7 beta version was released when this OS was first presented and the iOS beta 2 has been launched on Monday. Apple requires a privacy agreement to be signed by the developers who are working on it but we noticed some pictures posted on their blogs.

For this head movement feature, 9to5Mac has noted that there is lot to be done before making it effective and perfect. It’s still unclear if this feature will take place in the first official iOS 7 version. Apple hasn’t posted any comments for this and it doesn’t set official date for iOS 7 release. We expect it to be launched along with the new iPhone 5S.

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