Microsoft Metro Style Office Applications Delayed Until 2014

Sara Cunningham June 28, 2013 0
Microsoft Metro Style Office Applications Delayed Until 2014

At yesterday’s start of this developers conference held by Microsoft in San Francisco, we saw the new Windows 8.1, codename Blue, preview version. A lot of new improved features were included and we saw some old ones returned from the previous version. Numerous complaints were headed towards Microsoft for the removed features in Windows 8.

As we heard yesterday, Metro-Style Microsoft Office apps won’t be seen this year. We’ve seen a couple of indicators that new Microsoft Office apps version will be out as late as October. According to Microsoft officials, we must wait until 2014. Only a sneak peek of Metro Style office apps was shown during the keynote at the conference. We saw the first version of PowerPoint as a crucial way of how the developers can use it for building powerful Windows Store apps. These metro PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel and Word are going by the codename Gemini.

According to a person close to Microsoft, launching Gemini apps has been set as a major plan for 2014. This has always been their plan and everything else has been just an unconfirmed rumor. According to some sources, the first plan for delivering these apps was October this year. This could be the period when we will see the first devices coming from Microsoft, running the brand new Windows Blue OS version.


The funny thing is that Metro-Style OneNote already can be seen on the market and Microsoft has even updated it few times since fall in 2012 (when OneNote has debuted). Microsoft has said that it will deliver MetroStyle Office apps like Visio and Publisher but   there is no official date for this. They don’t give any further details about how this will happen and what they will include.

Launching Gemini Office after the official Windows Blue release is something that smart and improved Microsoft can’t let happen. This sounds like something a small company would do. If Microsoft’s officials are planning somehow to launch these apps in Windows Store by the end of this year, calculations are saying otherwise. Microsoft Store developers won’t have time to prepare them for the holiday month of this year.

It must be noted that the desktop version of these Gemini apps will continue to run on Windows 8.1.

We thought that Microsoft has learned its lesson from the past but as it seems they are making the same errors all over again.

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