Sony PlayStation 4 and Eye Camera Bundle Nixed for Pricing Reasons

Jasmina Lozevska June 29, 2013 0
Sony PlayStation 4 and Eye Camera Bundle Nixed for Pricing Reasons

Sony PlayStation 4 had a few launch dates but officially it has been revealed with all its features at E3 conference this year. Lot of reviews and reports followed it and to be honest, they were not so good. However, this new report shows that Sony has planned to pack its Eye camera along with PS4. Sony has changed its mind at the very last minute in order to beat the Xbox One by Microsoft when it comes to the price.

This report comes from IGN’s sources, which said that Sony has planned to introduce its $59 camera inside the $499 PlayStation 4 package. The plans were changed and Sony has chosen to remove it and set the price to $399. That’s how the PS4 console has become cheaper than Microsoft Xbox One along with its Kinect control accessory that goes for $499. Sony hasn’t commented on this report yet, but as soon as they choose to release an official statement we will let you know.

The price and the lack of this eye camera will make the difference in the war between these two gaming consoles. Both of them are set to go on a major sale by the end of the year and all the gamers are eager to see the gaming consoles. PS4 and Xbox One both will have some exclusive games that will go along them in the package and will feature some games from third-party developers.

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According to IGN, the decision that Sony has made over its eye camera, will limit the developer’s support. It will not be required from them to support the camera while making the third-party games. Perhaps some of them will be making it with this support by assuming that the users will have it like additional accessory. Just for comparison, Microsoft will send its Kinect and it will require its use right away when it comes out of the box. Both camera models, Kinect and PS4 eye camera, are the latest models that came from the companies. They are more advanced and upgraded and we can say that they are must have if you want to get the full experience coming from both consoles.

It’s too early to say which gaming console will have a bigger demand. Xbox One’s predecessor has leaded the market for the past years. Is this the time when Sony will change that with its new PS4?

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