Gmail for Android Repaired by Google

Jasmina Lozevska June 29, 2013 0
Gmail for Android Repaired by Google

After so many complaints addressed towards Google in the past few weeks, the company has chosen to fix Gmail for Android. At the start of this month, Google decided to remove the delete button that has been used so much by Gmail’s users on their Android based devices. Since then, many blog posts, comments and reviews were begging Google to return this option.

Sure, there were some people that don’t even noticed it’s gone. Now, we are more than glad to see the delete button back with the new update to Android Gmail app. This time, it comes with a new option for those who don’t want it, they can disable it.

Changes sometimes are good but I’m not a big fan of them. I like to see some new stuff but eliminating something that has been used daily is something that really makes me nervous. Maybe the main reason is we were already used to Gmail as it was and learning the new process of using is just weird. Sudden remove of the delete button is maybe preparing us for something new from Google.

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The rumor mill is saying that Google is heading towards a new philosophy where your old inbox messages will disappear from there. Don’t worry, you will be able to access them again but you will have to search for them. Google wants to make your private info more useful in near future. It will be based on learning who is important in your social life and it will give you suggestions while sending an emails. So, Gmail will be made more like the other social media that you are using. This new Gmail will be an interesting experience but I’m not sure that we want to live without the delete button. If you ask me, the delete button should be always there because you will want to delete or leave an email that is important. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of someone else regulating my own emails.

With the new update,  will bring back the delete button and we have no information if Google plans to remove it again in its future plans. I hope not, because I will be forced to change my email app or ask some developer to make a tweak that will bring back this button. We’ll see what happens eventually.

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