20 % of Apple iTunes Users Cut Off Due to Outage

Alex Bezeau June 29, 2013 0


Apple is dealing with issues these days and the last problem comes from iTunes. Many users have been dealing with some difficulties entering the site. It was said that 20% of them have been prevented from making any purchases of the music pages. If you check up the status page, you will see that the issue has been resolved. It wasn’t clarified if other services have been affected as well.

Apple hasn’t commented what have caused this issue. This comes after another outage that has been making problems in U.S, Germany and U.K online stores. It happened at the beginning of the week. This issue has prevented several page elements and pictures from rendering. According to some sources, this outage was caused by Contend Delivery Network problem that has eliminated many design elements and left only the text.

CDN is a local server’s network that is distributed through the whole world. These servers are used for serving website’s static elements. For example, if a single server from U.S needs to deliver a photo to some website visitor the U.K, the website sends all the proper instructions to this U.K server for displaying the photo. If CDN fails, than the CSS elements of the page will show only bare content. In this situation, only text was shown. This problem has been resolved quickly and all websites are working as they should.



Apple is on the way for releasing new products this year and issues like this are not their biggest concern. This company needs to improve its product line with something that different and attractive, as well. According to many rumors, Apple will introduce several devices by the end of this year using the weak spots of their biggest competitors. Every analyst out there is predicting a “rich” future when it comes to innovative tablets and smartphones. We’ve already seen the improved MacBook Air, new iOS version that will bring a brand new look to all iOS based devices and sneak peek for the new cylindrical Mac.

These kinds of small problems are dealt very fast and can happen numerous times. The important thing is that all the users can enjoy purchasing content again without any difficulty. We can now focus on the new devices which will be brought by Apple, as speculated, in fall.

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