Nintendo Wii U and Wii U Will Get All 3 New Angry Birds Versions in August

Sara Cunningham June 29, 2013 0

The game called Angry Birds created by the Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment has made all the gamers addicted to it. Ever since its expansion to gaming consoles and PCs it has been praised numerous times. This game is a great mixture of addictive gameplay, low price and comical style. Starting from August 13 all Nintendo Wii and Wii U users will be able to play three more version of this game.

Rovio Entertainment has announced that its trilogy of Angry Birds: Rio, Angry Birds: Seasons and Angry Birds will be available in August. This developers’ company has even posted a video on YouTube showing promo gameplay using these Nintendo gaming consoles. The announcement says that there will be 30 episodes with 140 hours of gameplay. According to the promo video, Rovio has shown 40 bonus gameplay hours. These games will give you support for Wii U gamepad plus you can use the TV swap feature. You will be able to use the touch screen controls and you can see your progress on online leaderboards.

There are some plans for making Angry Birds feature films or series coming very soon, but this is only a rumor, nothing official yet. This game has 1.7 billion downloads on every platform including all the special and regular editions of this game. According to some game analysts this game has gained the largest mobile app success in the world. It was released in 2009 only for iOS. Later on, it was released for Android, Symbian, Windows Phone OS, PCs and other gaming platforms.


Nintendo Wii U will offer you unique gaming experience. It has been released in 2012 and it’s compatible with all Wii games and controllers. This console was considered to be a big gamble when it first came out because launching a gaming console while focused on making great tablet controller is not something that a big company would do. That’s why Nintendo gaming consoles are far behind Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Play Station.

However, Rovio decided that launching these three game versions will bring another gaming experience and will bring joy to all Nintendo Wii and Wii U users.

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