Hashtag Impressions Boosted Via mobile Outlets for Facebook

Sara Cunningham June 30, 2013 1
Hashtag Impressions Boosted Via mobile Outlets for Facebook

People have been using hashtags even at the time when Facebook didn’t support it. It looked kind of silly and it felt like ‘begging’ Facebook to include them in its feed. Earlier this month, Facebook finally has launched the hashtags and “#” have been noticed over the news feed. Now, Facebook is taking them to another level making them available for its mobile site and it has brought related hashtags, as well.

Many have said that Facebook have copied Twitter with this feature but this didn’t stop the social network from upgrading them. At the start, hashtags were available only for the web version and used for helping people find the topics they are interested in. From now on, users will see them on their mobile platforms. According to TechCrunch, they aren’t available on iOS and Android-based smartphones. However, I think that this will be fixed in no time and the Facebook app for these OS platforms will receive its proper upgrade.

Before this, users were able to search hashtag topics right from the Facebook’s search bar, compose a status right from the hashtag fee or click on them coming from other services. With this new upgrade, Facebook will give users related hashtag topics and they will be able to see similar hashtags in a result page.

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There is no question that hashtags became popular with Twitter. They are used to enter live conversations around some events, TV shows, breaking news or charity events. With purchasing Instagram, users have been publishing images with hashtags on this social site and asking from Facebook to make them available. You can now access public conversations and see hashtag related images and stories right through your mobile device.

According to Facebook, hashtags is transforming the boring topics into clickable links for the people to follow. This will help users find all the related topics they are interested in. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of these hashtags. I haven’t used them so much even on Twitter. However, I tend to always follow trending posts. I believe many users find hashtags useful and helpful in the search of a specific topic.

What do you think about hashtags? Are you using them and do you think Facebook will gain the same popularity that Twitter hastags already have? Share with us.

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