Why You Should Buy a Nook HD Tablet?

Alex Bezeau July 1, 2013 0
Why You Should Buy a Nook HD Tablet?


Barnes & Noble tried to get its Nook HD and HD+ tablets on sale twice for Mother’s and Father’s day. There was a special discounted offer for both holidays. After the last holiday has ended the prices remained the same and we acknowledged that Barnes & Noble is getting out of the tablet business. Does buying a Nook HD tablet makes any sense at this point?

To be honest, this company has produced some really good tablets that weren’t compatible enough with those tablets by Amazon, Google and Apple. Nook devices had really great sleek designs, great HD displays and microSD slots for expanding your memory. Do you need more from your tablet? – There’s your answer to my first question – yes! – It still makes sense buying Nook HD or HD+ tablet.

The current price of the 7-inch Nook HD is $129 and its bigger brother, the 8.9-inch Nook HD+ goes for $149. It’s less expensive than its biggest competitor. Amazon Kindle Fire HD is selling for $199 and the Fire HD 8.9 goes for $269. Maybe the Kindle will give you better performance but Nook HD tablet will give you better design and of course, amazing display plus great performance.


Should you wait for Barnes & Noble to reduce their prices even more before you make your decision? – There is a good possibility for this to happen. If B&N wants to get out of the business, it will want to clear these devices as soon as possible. Don’t be surprised if you see the Nook HD selling for $99 or $79. Buying it, you will get a great deal because Google Play Store has recently been added to their devices. You will get a wider app access and this means that they have a great future. There is a possibility to upgrade them installing newer and fresh Android OS version.

I share the same opinion with you that we will see a new and improved Kindle, Nexuses and iPads later this year but they will cost much more when compared to Nooks. They are pretty great devices and you should get one before it’s too late. I already bought the Nook HD+ and its running smooth as silk. I can’t even feel nor tell the difference between my Nook and competitor’s tablets.

It’s really a great deal and you will have everything you need from a tablet device. Would you buy it now or wait for another discount?

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