iPhone Mini Coming This Summer – Will It Save Apple?

Jasmina Lozevska February 20, 2013 1
iPhone Mini Coming This Summer – Will It Save Apple?

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has stated that the Cupertino-based company could release its iPhone Mini as soon as this summer. Analyst Katy Huberty says Apple is going to launch the device in order to increase its market shares in China.

Forecast about the iPhone Mini suggests the price tag of the brand new mini handset will be significantly lower than current iPhone prices. Apple could price the mini handset $330 and this is supposed to lead to additional 20% of Apple’s market shares in China. Analyst Huberty explains this is the perfect timing for releasing such device in this country, as pricing of smartphones is starting to stabilize at this part of the world.


A deal with China Mobile is what it takes for Apple to achieve its goal. At the moment, the Cupertino-based company sells its products only though China Telecom and China Unicorn. However, China Mobile is the biggest carrier in the country, so Apple needs to establish cooperation with this carrier to boost sales effectively.

It is said that those $330 will represent the price of the unlocked iPhone Mini in China, suggesting that the handset is going to have a lower on-contract price tag. China seems to be the first target of Apple’s iPhone Mini, which should arrive in the summer 2013. It’s still unknown whether the device is coming to other markets at that time, since currently popular iPhone 5 already keeps high sales figures in most markets.

After the drop of nine percent in the previous month, Apple is already facing media criticism and stock issues. The launch of a new device is pretty much the only way for the company to gain in the share market. This is why predictions about the iPhone Mini have been fully justified.

Anyways, we’ll have to wait for the summer to find out whether these rumors will turn out to be true and how will Apple deal with the whole situation. Until then, stay tuned.

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