Insulting on Social Networks Illegal in Grenada

Heidi Speare July 1, 2013 0


Grenada has banned online insulting through the social networks. People in Grenada will now be under pressure as lawmakers decided to regulate the free speech. The next one who will try and insult his friend just for fun or post some “f” word addressed to its favorite sports club, will be fined. This includes websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

This measure has been approved on Friday as a part of Grenada electronic crimes bill. The other penalties included in this bill are identity theft and electronic stalking. According to Elvin Nimrod, Legal Affair Minister, Grenada had problems with the technology use. They felt obligated to put order in place to be sure that companies and persons will not insult each other.

According to the report, this bill includes the whole process. Complaints about this kind of offences will be filed to the police and from there, a judge will decide if this message was offensive enough for fining. Depending on how much exactly the comment is found offensive, the people will need to pay a fine up to $37,000 or go three years in prison, instead. All the gathered evidence should be presented on court and people have to learn how to act responsibly between each other.



There are no other details about this but as it, seems Grenadians will try not to use social networks like they used to. Distributing child pornography is also a crime according to this bill and people accused for this will need to pay up to $111,000 or will be sent straight to prison for 20 years. This crime makes sense but paying fine or going to jail for insulting someone through social network seems a bit much.

In this next period, they will be focused on learning which words and phrases will be regarded as offensive. The law makers are really confident about this and according to them, this will make the people and companies live in peace and harmony. I believe that this will create even bigger tension between them but we need to sit back and see who will be the first Grenadian accused.  I’m not sure how will our country react if our lawmakers decide to take example from this Grenadian bill.

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