Apple’s New Mac Pro Price Predictions

Jasmina Lozevska July 1, 2013 0
Apple’s New Mac Pro Price Predictions

Apple has given us a sneak peek of what will follow later this year. Its’ redesigned Mac Pro doesn’t have a price but according to some analysts, it will be more expensive than its predecessor. We saw a slight preview of this cylindrical computer at the Apple developers’ conference held in San Francisco earlier this month.

At this event, Apple has revealed a few details about the specs and we even saw its beautiful design (part of it). Still, there are so many things  untold that if we start writing  them down you’ll need to spend whole day reading. Some of the most rumored things about this Mac Pro is its price. So, how big will the price tag be when Apple makes this computer available later this year? – There are lot of expectations and calculations.

IHS iSuppli has given some reports about the possible price tag. Based on its calculations, it should cost $2,800. This is only $300 more than Apple’s entry-level model that goes for $2,500. Maybe this price is reasonable because when you calculate the higher-end chip processor, bigger RAM and storage capacity and some other improvements you will get a price of $4,800. Will you ever afford this amount of money for this computer?

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I believe many of us think that $2,800 is just too much. Keep in mind that the main parts for this computer are not coming from Apple. These are including the most expensive parts like the flash storage, graphic chip and the processor chip. Apple has announced that they will be using an Intel Xeon E5 processor and AMD FirePro graphic chip to make this computer powerful. Those processors can cost you $2,000 a piece and Apple gets a discount because they are purchasing a bigger amount.

Apple also plans to manufacture its Mac Pro in the U.S. This means that bigger cost will be added, as not making it overseas. However, according to IHS’s report, expensive manufacturing will not be a case for a product of this kind. This is only a prediction while we are waiting Apple to announce the remaining details along with the official price. For this, there is an event scheduled later in 2013. Mac Pro buyers will feel the biggest shock. Apple has said that potential buyers of its PC are video editors, photographers, musicians and graphic designers.

Apple knows what its customers expect from Mac Pro. I expect that they will make their latest product affordable and with the same price tag of $2500.

How much would you pay for the Mac Pro?

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