Google Reader Officially Figment of the Past

Jasmina Lozevska July 2, 2013 0
Google Reader Officially Figment of the Past

We have announced a couple of times now that Google is turning off its RSS reader. In our previous reports we gave you the best RSS readers out there that can replace it. We even heard rumors saying some companies will make their own RSS reader versions when this reader is out from the business. Today, one thing is for sure, Google Reader is gone with the wind.

Maybe this report and this information will be unnoticed by most of the people because they don’t know the mark that Google Reader has left behind. The reason given by Google for this move sounded rather unbelievable. It was said that Google is focused on building something new and they don’t want to waste time with some services. There were some sad comments coming from analysts related to this Google Reader shut down. Some of them said that they will not choose another RSS reader because there isn’t one, yet.

This service has started organizing Web content since 2005. It kept all content manageable and Google Reader has been constantly checking up your favorite websites for updates. Day-by-day, this RSS reader has become the most popular among the others. It has started as an experiment of Google and suddenly it became big deal. Until today, it was quite a ride.

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Google has announced the Reader’s shutting down few months ago, giving us time to find the proper replacement. There was an option to transfer all data from Google Reader to your new RSS reader. There are some readers that are capable to take over the reader business from the search giant. Digg has been trying to attract Google Reader’s users for the past few months. Feedly has redesigned its site and now all browser supports it. Last month, AOL has launched its RSS reader version.

Yahoo also said that it will shut down its RSS alerts, too. However, it was said that they will replace this service with new e-mail based alerts. Google Reader has been updated back in 2011 and included some changes for its sharing method. Google wanted to force its Google+ usage little bit more and this wasn’t accepted very well from its customers. For many people, this was the beginning of Google Reader end.

We’ll see what Google has come up to and what will be their major focus in future.

You can share with us in comments with what RSS reader version you have replaced Google Reader.

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