Samsung Smartphones Take up More than 1/2 European Market

Alex Bezeau July 2, 2013 0
Samsung Smartphones Take up More than 1/2 European Market


Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market and Android gets a big advantage of its competition in Europe. These devices have helped Android climb up to 70.4% in many of the major European countries. According to the source, this market share will continue growing in the remaining quarters of this year. These results are for the first three months that ended in May this year.

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has reported that nearly ½ of Android smartphone sales belongs to Samsung. This has helped Android climb even higher on the market share ladder. This is only for the bigger European countries like Spain, Italy, France, the U.K and Germany. This is up 9% of last year’s Q1 when Android market share was at 61%. Apple iOS is far behind Android with poor 17.8% of this European market. Microsoft’s Windows Phone holds 6.8%.

Kantar report included some interesting information on this topic. In the U.K, loyalty rate for Samsung is 59%. This percentage means that current Samsung smartphone users will stick with the company when they want to change their present handset. Apple’s loyalty percentage is 79%. Perhaps only in U.K we will see some drastic changes in near future.



It’s expected Samsung to maintain this lead as long as Apple makes its move. Samsung already launched its Galaxy S4 device that is selling really well. However, there are few more versions of this smartphone revealed and waiting for their official launch on the market. It’s said that Apple very soon will present its next generation iPhone 5S along with a low-cost iPhone Mini and maybe an iPhone 6 with bigger screen. There isn’t any official statement of Apple for these rumors, so we need to wait until fall to see what will happen.

We received a report earlier saying that Apple is losing its pace in India. For the first time, Apple has been removed from the Top 5 list for smartphone manufacturers in this country. The reason is low smartphone shipments performance in Q1. Android, of course, is the leader growing its market share up to 90%.

It seems that Apple really struggles on the market but I truly believe that this new iOS 7 and some new devices will give the company a large boost. Until then, Android and Samsung can enjoy their dominance and try to eliminate every competitor that will try to stand in their way.

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