Xbox Music Finally Launched by Microsoft

Heidi Speare July 2, 2013 1
Xbox Music Finally Launched by Microsoft


Step by step, all companies are heading to the streaming music business. Microsoft is last in the line, so far, in launching its music streaming service version for the web. Xbox Music has been available on Xbox and Windows 8, but from now on millions of songs can be streamed within users’ browsers. This is great news for Microsoft fans and we can say that its bad news for the competition.

Xbox Music service has been announced long time ago and Microsoft has finally decided to bring it to the web. You can reach out to this service right through your browser. According to the report, there will be millions of songs waiting to be streamed. Lots of rumors were saying that this will happen earlier and Microsoft kept its promise. We waited to see this move earlier but better late than never and it comes in great time. The web streaming music service market is getting tight.

According to Microsoft, millions of songs can be streamed through PCs, tablets, smartphones and other devices. Users will be able to download their tracks after they purchase them. This was presented last year at E3 gaming event and it was attached to Xbox 360. It has been made available to Windows 8 based PCs. It was reported that the mobile Xbox Music version will be coming to Android and iOS by the end of this year.


This streaming service comes at the right time to catch up with earlier announced Apple iTunes Radio music streaming service. There are dozens of others services of this kind but I think that the major battle will be between these big companies. Really soon, we might see Google launch its second part of their music streaming service. Apple has made its streaming service available on all platforms using the tight synchronization with iTunes. They have made deals with several big music label companies and only for that I will give Apple slight advantage over the competition.

Microsoft can bring lot of changes, there is no doubt about it. With the launch of their gaming console, Xbox One, later this year they can receive great income from this music service. It’s too early to tell how it will perform on the field but people are used to buying music all the time.

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  1. Andy  July 10, 2013 at 1:30 am - Reply

    I heard this will cost money, is it true? I don’t know if I get this, I’m using a free music streaming service, Torch Music, and I think it’s really good. Why would I pay for a music streaming service? Beats me.

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