Spain to Get Firefox OS Smartphone Tomorrow

Jasmina Lozevska July 3, 2013 0
Spain to Get Firefox OS Smartphone Tomorrow

We have waited for this moment for quite some time now. As it was said earlier, Firefox OS based smartphone will get its official launch on Tuesday in Spain. This ZTE Open phone will be the next in the low-cost smartphones line. Mozilla will take its shot with this new OS in order to compete with some big companies like Google and Apple. I can’t wait to see what will be the first impressions about Firefox OS.

I’m really excited because seeing another OS on the horizon is not something that can be seen every day. The phone costs $90 with additional $39 if you want to use it on so called “pay as you go credit”. You can choose to sign a 2-year contract and pay $3.10 each month. This makes it a lot cheaper than today’s Android and iOS based smartphones. ZTE Open will come with an open-source browser-based OS that will try to make room for itself in this market leaded by Android and iOS.

This smartphone comes with a 3.5-inch display with 480×320 pixel resolution. It’s equipped with a 3.2-mpix camera and it will be powered by 256MB of RAM. It will include a 512MB storage capacity upgraded with a 4GB MicroSD card. It will be carried by Telefonica and according to its digital director, Yotam Benami, this smartphone is meant to attract the new low-cost smartphone buyers. Many smartphone users will not find everything they are looking for in this smartphone but I will give Mozilla respect for the effort.

firefox smartphone

Very soon, this phone will be accompanied with another Firefox OS based smartphone, Alcatel One Touch Fire, and it will be launched in Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

Telefonica isn’t the only carrier that will offer this phone. Telenor will carry its first version of Firefox OS low-cost smartphones in Eastern and Central Europe by the end of this year. Deutsche Telekom will bring these phones in Poland. Firefox OS will be supported by Sony and LG Electronics but there are no details what this support will mean in future.

Yotam Benami explained that this OS features dynamic application search which will give you results from the Web instead on app stores. He added that you will get very personalized experience which is very simple and easy manageable. However, there will be so much programming work that needs to be done. There will be brand new challenges which will include support for new multi-touch interfaces, how to write new web apps that will work on this interface, adapting web pages to low mobile networks and smaller screens. I hope Mozilla is ready for this. We have received information that Mozilla has already begun with their training events for programmers. And we heard that this company will promote its Keon (Geeksphone) for developers.

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