Revamped Skype Messaging for Android Perfected Finally?

Heidi Speare July 3, 2013 0
Revamped Skype Messaging for Android Perfected Finally?


It was reported earlier that Skype noted 100 million installs on Android OS. Maybe this was a great indicator that they need to bring some changes to its app. It’s reported that Skype has updated its app to 4.0 in order to bring new modern messaging. With this, Skype tries to bring their young users back on its platform and to compete with many messaging applications out there on the market.

This version of Skype app comes with some new look where voice calls, chats and video calls have the main role. It’s made to compete with other messaging platforms that lately have been more popular than this Microsoft app. You can now see your recent conversations directly on the home screen and at the bottom you can find the call and chat buttons. These quick access buttons really makes it easy manageable. It’s all about messaging as you can see this feature dominates in the Contacts and Favorites tabs. This app version shows you conversation history with your friends when you tap on their name.

Skype added that this application will be faster and it’s made more reliable because it was completely rewritten. According to Skype’s mobile marketing leader, Derek Synder, they have changed the whole way Skype was previously built. They have focused their effort into making it more stable, with better performance and improved load time. We can say that it was about time to see some improvements because its predecessor versions were really lagging.


According to the official blog post, this will be only the beginning and very soon they will release another update. With these new improvements scheduled for the upcoming months, Skype wants to make its Android app reliable, mobile friendly and reachable. So keep an eye on your app for new upcoming updates.

Few days ago, iPhone users received their updated Skype version. iPhone Skype 4.9 now includes unlimited video messaging feature. You can now record video messages for your offline contacts and these videos will show up when the recipients logs on. According to Skype, there are several fixes and improvements like more stable video and audio calls.

We kind of expected a new and improved Android app to be launched right after the iOS launch. Lot of Skype related complaints were heading towards Microsoft in the past period of time. We hope that this new improved Skype version will give the users everything they need from a messaging platform.

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