Could it be True? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 released in September

Alex Bezeau July 3, 2013 0


Samsung might be preparing next gen Galaxy Note device, which will be released in September. Its predecessors have amazed us with style and functionality and you can only imagine what Samsung will bring with its new Galaxy Note 3. A lot of expectations and rumors will be circling this device until it’s out. Samsung put a lot of effort into this new Galaxy S4 smartphone. It’s definitely time to see what this Korean company has come up with for this device.

According to some sources close to Android Geeks blog site, this Galaxy Note line will be refreshed with new and improved device. Samsung has made several version of its Galaxy S4 and we haven’t heard any notable information involving the Galaxy Note 3. We all knew that this will happen sometime this year but we weren’t sure when. There weren’t any specific details about specs or price and Samsung declined to comment on this report.

The first version of this Galaxy Note has brought a difference in the mobile market. It was released in 2012 including a 5.3-inch screen and a S Pen. Later on, we saw the Galaxy Note 2 which had improved quad-core processor and a 5.5-inch display. So, what we can expect of this new Galaxy Note 3?

galaxy note 3

There is a possibility this device will be bigger. It could be equipped with a 6-inch display with stronger processor (maybe 8-core?) and definitely improved graphics. It’s expected the design will be the same and of course to be made from plastic. We could see a 13-mpix camera with some “borrowed” features from Samsung Galaxy S4.

You already know that it’s really difficult to define whether this is a smartphone or a tablet. Some people already call it a phablet and by definition, this “nickname” represents a tablet with smartphone functions. Maybe with this new Galaxy Note 3, Samsung will define in which line this device will be included.

I’m definitely optimistic about this new device. I’m not a big fan of big-screen undefined devices but I can’t hide that I was amazed by Galaxy Note 2 performance. The thing is, I hardly note the difference between Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2 (or upcoming Galaxy Note 3). Both devices will share similar functions and the only big difference will be the larger screen on the phablet. However, let’s not come to conclusions before we see the actual device.

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