All Web Browsers Get Xbox Music Indeed

Jasmina Lozevska July 4, 2013 0

Microsoft has promised earlier that they will make its Xbox Music available to all web browsers. As of yesterday, you are able to stream music through this service on the web. All users who are have subscribed to this service along with the new ones can login and stream music right from their favorite browser. When this service started, it was made available only to certain devices, Windows 8 and Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s plan is to open up the door for new users and make it compatible in the streaming music service market. As the time passes, every company is looking forward building its own online music service and that’s good for the users.

Xbox Music is really similar to Spotify. The users will be able to sign up for subscription and stream their favorite music. You can have the same option for purchasing tracks just like iTunes. Xbox Music service borrowed its artist-based stations version from Pandora. As you can see, Microsoft has done lot of work making it look alike your favorite music services. Will it perform better? – We must wait and see.


Subscription fee to this music service is $9.99 per month if you choose to purchase it month by month. There is an option for you to purchase it on yearly basis paying $99. Maybe this price is lower than expected and lower than its competitors offer. We must keep on mind that this service is launched last in line and it must put up a strong starting fight on the field.

Before you choose to buy it, this service has given you the option for trying it out for 30 days that comes as a trial period. But, you will be asked to input your credit card number in order to take full advantage of it. Make sure you have turned off “Automatic Renewal” because at the end of this trial period you will be charged with $10 for starting the subscription. It was said that this music streaming service will be coming to Android and iOS by the end of this year.

Xbox Music is a great service if you got bored from your old music streaming service. If you want brand new experience this is one of the coolest options. Thanks to its new web player, this service has been made available almost anywhere.

Share with us in comments what is your favorite music streaming service and will you sign up for free Xbox Music trial period?

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