Google Reader Users can Still Retrieve data for 2 Weeks

Alex Bezeau July 4, 2013 1
Google Reader Users can Still Retrieve data for 2 Weeks


Google Reader has been officially shut down at the beginning of this month. This company has announced its RSS reader closing a few months ago, giving all the users time to retrieve its data or transfer it to another reader. We offered couple of great RSS readers that you can use to replace Google Reader. If you chose your next reader late and you didn’t have time to retrieve your data, Google has a new offer for you.

Google Reader has found lots of boxes filled with digital stuff belonging to all its users. It was never said how many users Google Reader has, but according to this information this number was reached millions. In order for you to pick up your old stuff, Google has given you another 2 week deadline. This was announced in an official blog post and the RSS reader team offered you some alternatives while asking for you to download Google Takeout and retrieve your reader data. The Google Reader is going off officially on July 15 and this was the last warning.

After this day, you are on your own managing your web data. Some people already felt the difference without Google Reader and some of them switched to some other reader versions. I’ve tried all that we have offered you as a replacement and I started using Feedly few days ago. This RSS reader has met my criteria and it’s kind of better than Google Reader.



According to the blog, if you don’t pick up your data until 12PM PST July 15 this year, it will be permanently deleted. We don’t want to see that happen, so if you have left anything useful there, retrieve it before it’s too late.

Some of the reader versions we offered have an automatic retrieve option of the Google Reader but some of them don’t. Google Takeout can help you perform this operation. The perfect RSS readers that can replace Google Reader are: Feedly, AOL, The Old reader, Curata reader. We believe that these versions will give you the best alternative until something new and better comes out. It was said that some other companies will benefit from Google Reader going off and make their own reader version. Until then, try and make yourself comfortable using some of the previously mentioned readers.

What reader version do you use? Share with us.

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