HTC One International Gets Android 4.2.2

Heidi Speare July 4, 2013 0
HTC One International Gets Android 4.2.2


It was reported earlier that a new Android OS update will be available internationally for HTC One. Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean has been officially launched and now all HTC One users around the world will be able to update its system. This information is not official yet because HTC hasn’t made any formal announcements but it will follow eventually.

According to Android Central, HTC One Users in Taiwan can see the update available in their handsets. We are waiting for the official statement to see what changes Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean will bring to this smartphone. The screen shows that this new 465MB update includes a brand new style to its lock screen, new widgets and widget panel rearrangement, new enhancement for the launcher bar, home button enhanced behavior, the battery percentage will be shown in the status bar, quick settings updates and AF/AE camera enhancements.

There are no details about other improvements but we must wait for the official report. In the past, this kind of report was first shown on Twitter and Facebook. So far, this update was only seen in Taiwan and it’s not the first time we see changes of this kind to be first shown there. Taiwan and Singapore were the first countries to receive HTC One X OS update back in the days.


Still no details about the date when the carrier smartphone versions will get this Android 4.2.2 but keeping on mind that HTC has done its job finishing this update, you can breathe easier. According to some calculations, HTC One users living elsewhere will get this system update in a few weeks or maybe more. We know that carriers take their time before releasing their official version of the update.

That’s not all – more good news for HTC fans – information that comes after some leaked pictures showed Verizon is on the line bringing its HTC One version to the network. Verizon is the last of the other major carriers to offer this handset. According to the picture, this phone could arrive September 5. Verizon and HTC declined to comment but this carrier has announced that this smartphone will be coming to its network this summer.

Since its launch, this smartphone was accepted very well by the public. Maybe first quarter sales didn’t meet the expectations, but HTC CEO has said that they are satisfied how its smartphone performed.

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