Taste the Rainbow with New iPhone: Images Leaked on Web

Sara Cunningham July 4, 2013 0
Taste the Rainbow with New iPhone: Images Leaked on Web

A few months ago, we heard rumours saying that the next iPhone will be available in a few colors. New leaked photos on Web are showing an iPhone with three different colors on its back plate. This comes from a Chinese tech blog site that claims Apple has already started with the production of its multi-colored low-cost iPhone. We have heard earlier that this phone will be made of plastic and it will be much cheaper than the original iPhone.

When these rumors showed up, Tim Cook has said that Apple doesn’t have any intention to produce low-cost iPhone because that’s just not their style. They will continue to offer their users the best quality devices. Later on, we heard new rumors that this budget iPhone will be called iPhone Mini and will be launched with few different colors. Pegatron CEO Tung said that Apple will begin producing the device but it will not be as cheap as expected.

Alongside with this report, another Chinese report shows that this low-cost iPhone will have the same price as the iPhone 4S. I don’t know how reliable this source but its report fits with the previous saying of Pegatron’s CEO. Another French site has posted iPhone photos with colorful back plates. We can see three different colors: green, yellow and red.


If all rumors are true, this iPhone is expected to be released right after the iPhone 5S’s launch.

There is another report that shows the next iPhone 5S will have support for the new LTE Advanced network tech. This is the most interesting rumor I’ve heard and if it’s true, the new iPhone 5S will have a download speed of 150 mbps. This is much faster than 4G LTE available in the U.S and in other countries. This rumor is really hard to believe in because it’s clearly a speculation for a potential discussion between Apple and SK Telecom. Only this Korean carrier has support for this fast network.

Apple hasn’t posted any comments about this but rumors about its new iPhones are getting stronger. There must be something true in all of these speculations. For now, we are going to put them in the box with the rest of uncommented rumors. Apple is really secretive about its new device plans – as always and I doubt that some details will be shown before the official release.

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