New Concept Store Being tested by RadioShack

Jasmina Lozevska July 5, 2013 0
New Concept Store Being tested by RadioShack

Electronic retailers like RadioShack have a hard time keeping themselves in business. Somehow they are still operating and some of them are trying everything to stay in that field. RadioShack has announced that they have just the right thing to survive. This electronic retailer tests a new concept of its store. Their stores will be completely redesigned and to be honest, they do look really attractive.

According to RadioShack, this store offers all tech shoppers brand new product levels, excitement and very good service. They have added that this store will make their shopping experience really fun. The store has been redesigned with few displays that highlight all the big brands like Samsung, HTC and Apple. This store has rearranged all the good stuff and now offer to their users, finding and comparing different precuts. They have built a speaker wall and on the floor you can see touch-screen devices that makes the time you spend there really joyful.

radioshack concept

According to CEO Joe Magnacca, the new goal is to make this brand relevant to user’s needs and customer market while bringing reinforcements to their commitment. They are here to prove their customers’ loyalty and strong connection. It was announced earlier that this company has a hard time keeping its pace. They want to attract customers who are using these stores like showrooms and who enter the store with a greater knowledge about the products than the employees.

It was said that the first redesigned RadioShack store will be open in few days in Manhattan, Upper West Side to be precise. It’s expected few more of these to be opened later this year because they are still under construction. These stores will be opened in New York metro area, New Jersey and Texas. According to the company, if this method proved to be successful, the future plan is redesigning all 4,300 electronic stores found in United States.

RadioShack avoided the same destiny as Circuit City by making goals about what they do best. This can be proven as a great strategy but is this what it takes for business growth? Maybe it will help the company survive in the market but it’s hard to say because many companies have their own retailers where their products are sold.

We can only keep an eye of RadioShack’s performance in future in order to see if they were right with this new concept.

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