Would You Buy a Game Console from Google?

Alex Bezeau July 5, 2013 0


It was rumored that Google is working on more devices in this period. We have already seen Google Glass launched for developers but as it seems, this company wants to go even deeper. According to some sources, Google is working on a wearable gadget in form of a smartwatch and another video gaming console. So, if this company releases something that we’ve never seen before, would you buy it?

Of course you will. Google already tried to release a media-playing console, Nexus Q, but for some reasons this console has never reached the public. This console included glowing LEDs that were music responsive. It could stream through Google Play Music, YouTube and Google Play TV. You would need it to use your Android based tablet or smartphone as a controller. After it was unveiled, Google announced that its debut will be delayed in order to make it better. Several rumors are suggesting that the next upgraded version of its Nexus Q could be released this fall.


We already heard numerous times that Google is working on a smartwatch. Right after the speculations about Apple and Samsung that they are working on this wearable gadget, Google followers were always on their heels with their version of the story. A report by The Financial Times announced that Google’s Android unit already started developing this smartwatch. This maybe means that Google wants to get at least one product out to satisfy its customer needs. Google Glass is still expected to hit the market and several rumors are saying that we will not see this happen until the end of this year. Maybe next year Google will decide to announce its launch.

Rumor has it that Google is working on a gaming console but some analysts are saying that the next Nexus Q will include this gaming feature. Maybe we will see some device released by the end of this year. The previous unreleased Nexus Q had amazing and unique design. It runs on Android version 4.0 with internal memory of 16GB. It had a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. There are lot of connections included also giving you the perfect console for streaming content.

If Google makes this Nexus Q as something similar to a gaming console I will definitely buy it right away. I’m really attracted by its functionality and design. Apple already has a streaming media console, Apple TV, and its working on a smartwatch that according by several rumors will be called iWatch. Samsung is working on a smartwatch also and I don’t see any reason why Google shouldn’t  do it.

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