AT&T to Offer Nokia Lumia 1020 EOS

Sara Cunningham July 5, 2013 0
AT&T to Offer Nokia Lumia 1020 EOS

@evleaks strikes again and this time, it showed leaked pictures of the new Nokia Lumia 1020. Few days ago, we received leaked pictures about HTC One coming to Verizon on September 5. This time we are seeing that this Nokia EOS-based smartphone is heading towards AT&T. Lots of rumors were surrounding this smartphone and maybe it’s about time to see what it will be made of.

Nokia hasn’t commented on this and it was really secretive covering all tracks about this rumored handset. It’s expected this device to have the new Pro Cam app along with a 41-mpix camera. This image was posted on Twitter by the previously mentioned account evleaks along with a text: “Nokia Lumia 1020 for AT&T, 2013”. We can see the picture includes the carrier logo at the top of the screen. On the display, there is the Pro Camera app pointed out.

Of course, we can’t rely on this leaked image because it may be false. However, the interesting thing is that this picture matches the previous leaked images which were showing the same design and a device with many pixels. This comes before Nokia’s event which is scheduled on July 11. We can expect to see numerous devices revealed at this event and maybe this Nokia Lumia 1020 EOS will be one of them.

nokia lumia 1020

This is not the first time we hear some rumors about this device. Previously we saw other leaked pictures showing the whole design of the phone. These images floated around the web showing a 41-mpix camera, PureView software and Carl Zeiss lenses.

If the rumors are true, Nokia Lumia 1020 EOS will be Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom’s  biggest competitor. This device has a 16-mpix camera sensor and it falls really short when compared with the camera of the Nokia. If you look at the past, Nokia has done a great job with its camera lenses and sensors. It would be really great to see a device that will be found useful by many people who are into photography.

There are no other details related to this phone. Many questions will be answered after the event or many questions will be asked if this device doesn’t take the stands. However, it’s great to know that Nokia is preparing something that will amaze the public. We’ll give you a full report after the event.

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