White Nexus 4 Listed as ‘No longer Available’ on Google Play

Heidi Speare July 5, 2013 0
White Nexus 4 Listed as ‘No longer Available’ on Google Play


While we were all waiting for the next gen Nexus 4, we saw the same version but this time offered in white color option. We were all disappointed back then but this new report shows that White Nexus met the expectations and it was listed as “No Longer Available” on Google Play Store. I’ve never thought that it will bring success to the company in the market because of the same specs and features.

If you waited for so long to get the phone and you decided that today is the day, you are too late as the phone is already sold out. The entire reserve is gone including both 16GB and 8GB versions. The site has only informed us that this phone is no longer available for purchase anymore. There were no details if new devices are coming in near future. If you want to buy this white Nexus 4, you have to pay a visit to its official carriers and look for it. You will not find it with the same price for the unlocked version. You can get it under a 2-year contract or something like that.

white nexus 4

When LG announced this phone I wasn’t impressed at all. It has the same black front cover and only the back plate comes as white. It has the same specs and features like the ordinary Nexus 4 without the LTE support. LG made it clear that it doesn’t have any intention of making any plans for the Nexus 5. This was told by a LG representative but the production of new phone isn’t ruled out yet. When it came out, LG said that it will be available only in North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East.

The original Nexus 4 was sold at $249.99 and it was said that it’s on a hot streak. It didn’t give Google and LG any chance to satisfy the demand. As it seems, same thing happened with this white version.

There are numerous other devices that can give you bigger excitement and experience for the same price. If you can’t buy unlocked White Nexus 4 be advised to look for other options. Maybe iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 or HTC One will do the trick?

You can share with us in comments what would you prefer to buy as a Google Nexus 4 White replacement?

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