New Deals and Incentives on Apple Products Coming Soon?

Sara Cunningham July 6, 2013 0
New Deals and Incentives on Apple Products Coming Soon?

We said a couple of times that Apple is on the line for making some changes. Maybe this new information gives a little hint of what will be happening next. It was said that Apple is pushing new schemes for finding shoppers to buy the iPhones directly from Apple Stores. Maybe this will be hard for this company because people can buy their iPhones from their favorite carriers.

Tim Cook and his team are making some changes in the way they were selling smartphones to date. These measures will take place in order to deflect the competition, coming from Google’s Android OS. As it was reported, Tim Cook held a 3-hour long meeting with Apple Retail Store Leaders. During this meeting, Cook has told them that he is really satisfied of the iPads and Macs selling right from the Apple Stores. But, he noted that nearly 80% of all iPhone models are not bought from their Apple Retail stores.

In order to boost the iPhone sales number, Cook has announced that Apple is making new incentives for the customers who want to buy an iPhone and for Apple Stores which are selling this smartphone. Sources close to the company said Apple’s new promotion “Back 2 School” is the first element which will start this strategy. They are planning to give $50 gift cards to students who want to purchase an iPhone. The whole plan for these new incentives will be revealed on July 28 when Apple scheduled a retail stores meeting.


Another element which will push iPhones sales on a higher level is the launch of an iPhone trade program coming into Apple Stores. Some sources are saying that this element will be available in near future. The element will have a high promoted presence in the retail stores. Apple’s future program could offer customers upgrading their older and damaged iPhones to a refurbished iPhone 5. This is only a speculation coming from a source and there are no other details related to this.

Apple Retail store leaders left the meeting looking confident about Apple’s future. One of them has even said “expect an army of brand new products”. Obviously Tim Cook and his team have some plans how to increase their iPhone sales. Does this mean that Apple will release more iPhone versions this fall? – We heard lots of rumors suggesting that we will see at least 3 iPhones this fall.

Where have you bought your iPhone: Apple Retail Store or through some of the carriers?

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