The Bugs that Windows 8.1 Updates Didn’t Fix

Alex Bezeau July 6, 2013 0
The Bugs that Windows 8.1 Updates Didn’t Fix


When Microsoft released its Windows 8 OS, there were many complaints. This company has released its new Windows 8.1 OS and it was said that this software will fix all previous problems. We have waited for this Windows, codenamed Blue, for a long period and finally we saw its release but only the test version. There are no details when it will be officially launched but until then, we have covered three things that OS version didn’t fix.

We have seen some new features revealed, some old features brought back and we were witnesses of some improvements made to old features. However, there are three problems that still remain while Microsoft tries to compete with Apple and Google in the mobile app market.

  • Not Intuitive UI

In this new Windows Blue, a lot of new swipes and functionalities were shown that make the use really distanced from its predecessor. It would take users a long time learning this new process because classic Windows users will not be familiar with it. For example: If you want to see your active apps you need to swipe right and then left and if you are searching for the typical “x” symbol to close some apps you will not find it. There is a new way for closing an app and that is swiping from top to bottom. There is lot of new functions that needs to be learned. Maybe for someone this won’t be a problem but the majority will end the process before it starts.


  • Start Menu lacking

The start button has been returned and this was reported as the biggest improvement. The start menu still isn’t what we expected. It’s annoying that by tapping, you can see only the tile app layout that needs scrolling in order to launch some operation. You can’t navigate as easily you could some older OS versions.

  • Lack of Apps

For making an OS successful you need a really wide range of available apps. From what we could see Windows 8.1 didn’t do any great job bringing many apps. It was calculated that Microsoft brought 100.000 apps available to its newest Windows. If you see that Apple’s iOS have nearly a million apps and Google’s Android falls little bit short behind Apple with this number, Microsoft must address its developers to bring this number up in order to be compatible.

There are some other slight issues that need to be fixed but we think that these are enough for you to see the bigger picture here. Nevertheless, Microsoft has done a great job with this new Windows 8.1 and it has said that they will not stop here and some new updates might follow through.

Share with us in comments if you had any suggestions for Microsoft that needs to be fixed in the next update.

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